Agency: Pace Creative Group
SMAK makeup
Creative Direction, Package Design and UXUI: Gustavo Chams
Project Management and Copywriting: Delphine Renaud
Account Executive: Stefanie Curtis and Matt Gardner
Senior Web Development: Huy Tran
Junior Web Development: Bithja Feuersenger

The Project

SMAK, a vegan, cruelty-free and natural lipstick brand without dirty secrets in the closet. The brand was developed for the modern woman who is willing to spend a little more for quality, animal kindness, sustainability, and green beauty.


Launching a brand always requires a lot of preparation. In this specific case, an extra step needed to be considered: most customers are not aware that most known makeup brands are currently using heavy metals and toxic substances in their lipsticks. Taking that into consideration, our main obstacle was to be able to explain the higher price point while educating SMAK’s future customers about these health concerns.

Final Product

After an in depth marketing research was done, we identified key values amongst SMAK’s target audience: For SMAK’s Persona, beauty is more than lipsticks—It’s a state of mind that comes from within. This persona cares about health, green packaging, recyclability, cruelty free ingredients and ethical sourcing.

To match their expectations, we created a launch strategy that involved developing a package design that used seeded paper—which can be either recycled or planted, to be germinated into flowers; social media posts that were both engaging and educative; and a website landing page that would be later developed into a full website.

With our help, SMAK was able to be launched with success. The client was very happy with the results and their initial sales.