Agency: Pace Creative Group
Client: JSF Technologies
Creative Direction and Design:
Gustavo Chams
Project Management:
Anna-Marie Soroke
Account Executive and Marketing Strategy: Stefanie Curtis and Matt Gardner

The Project

JSF Technologies is a Vancouver Island designer and manufacturer of solar-powered LED-equipped traffic safety devices that serves customers all over the world. The company is specialized in high-efficiency, smart technology that is engineered to keep pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists safe.


JSF hired a design agency to update the overall design and the look and feel of their old price lists, booklets, and brochures, but the results didn’t reach the expectations.

Our challenge was to identify the problems caused by this design update and to propose solutions that would be efficient from a business stand point without compromising the contemporary design aesthetic that JSF is known for.

Final Product

After some initial research and data analysis, our team identified that the biggest problem caused by this previous design was originated within the structure of the content. This was leading customers to error: they were unable to understand the correct prices and were ordering the wrong products.

To overcome this challenge, we reorganized the content following human-centric and intuitive design principles, and developed a new design that was clear, simple and efficient.

Our work has enabled JSF Technologies to improve the efficiency of their ordering system as well as establish a strong visual identity throughout their printed materials.