Client: Global Shoe Connection
Project: Rebranding and UXUI
Creative Direction and Design: Gustavo Chams
Marketing Strategy and copywriting: Keely Holt

(Est. 2006) Global Shoe Connection is a Canadian footwear distributor, priding itself on being a family run business with a close knit staff. The company’s headquarters is in the Greater Vancouver Area with three dedicated warehouses. 
GSC has consumer retail operations as well as a dedicated account team that supplies over 200 stores. On top of that, Global Shoe Connection helps international retailers to advertise their shoes across Canada with a dedicated marketing team.

Why the change?

Global’s old logo served them well for its time with them, but it soon started to look outdated and too traditional. A new rebranding strategy was then required to support the companies’ growth and they needed a logo that reflected that.

A little about the design theory behind the logo

A rectangle is used as its main structure. The rectangle builds an unconscious feeling of stability and trustworthiness into its viewer. Very important pillars of the Global Shoe brand. For humans, it’s the most reliable shape as it is how we perceive the world, through our eyes.

This serifed typeface is contemporary giving it a modern feel while keeping it friendly and approachable. Global Shoe is nothing if not friendly and approachable. The single stacked letter ‘g’, and the letters ‘a’ and ‘s’ were hand crafted and they scream fashion while the tear drops, terminals and the custom made ligature between the letters ‘l’ and ‘h’, indicate craftsmanship.

The main typeface is paired with a condensed contemporary sans serifed typeface, underneath it. This combination works well because of the angular letter ‘e’ in both fonts, the similar X-height in both typefaces and their similar construction.