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Gustavo Chams’ work is characterized by a meandering inflection of his aesthetic explorations of the human essence. His work is often seen as meaningful and innovative.

Born and raised in Brazil, Chams has had a formal classical music education before dedicating four years to private classes with a renowned portrait photographer. After these facts, Chams started to dedicate his time to his graduation as a Graphic Designer, at the Visual College of art and Design, in Vancouver – Canada.

Chams’s editorial assignments include numerous covers and contributions to Jamaque Paradis, Brazilian Sexy Magazine, Dia a Dia Magazine, The Edgytor, Design Scene, Bride Style, Be Magazine and The Fashionisto.

His campaign assignments include campaigns for Igor Dadona, Renata Buzzo and Gustavo Carvalho and others.

His commercial photography and international modeling development include works for the modeling agencies: Way Model, Ford Models, Joy Model Management, Mega Model Brazil and L’Equip – in Brazil; MG and NEXT – in New York; OUI, Bananas Models, Marilyn Agency – in Paris – and Urban Management, D’management D’group, JOY and Elite – in Milano.







Gustavo’s incredible work inspires me and makes me believe that talent comes from within at any age. As young as he’s determined and focused to improve himself at every opportunity, he’s going to be unstoppable as a photographer, as an art director and as an artist.


Vikki Góis
Former Editor in Chief of The Edgytor
Haus of Outré’s Creative Director



The work of the fashion photographer Gustavo Chams is an incredible invitation to a journey of introspection. He beautifully connects fashion to art in a emotional level

Gustavo Carvalho – Fashion Designer




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