Client: Aromatech
Marketing Strategy: Kristen Heins
Art Direction, Creative Direction, Rebranding, UXUI, Package Design, Advertising, Photography and Industrial Design: Gustavo Chams

The Project

Aromatech is a Canadian manufacturer and retailer specialized in large scale scenting systems that can scent entire buildings and industrial complexes. The company has recently expanded their business from a B2B exclusive market to also include B2C clients.

Founded in 2009, the company grew from a small start-up to a multinational corporation in less than 5 years.


Growing so fast in such a short turnaround created branding and visual inconsistencies that were a challenge for the company. Aromatech also wanted to polish its own corporate visual identity, with two goals in mind: to move away from the start-up aesthetic and to establish themselves as leaders within the B2B scenting field.

Final Product

We started by cleaning up the original logo, fixing visual inconsistencies and spacing problems. From there, we developed a brand style-guide, created new package designs for all products and re-photographed all ecommerce images. This initial milestone grounded the foundations of Aromatech’s branding, allowing us to craft advertising strategies that would lead to launching their first advertising campaign. The effort also included SEO targeted material, google targeted and retargeted ads as well as social media ads.


After these changes, the company experienced a growth of over 300% in sales and investments combined.