You don’t need to be very knowledgeable in art to see that Gustavo’s work carries a beautiful emotional weight. The concepts are always touching and well thought out. What can I say? My clients love it every time.

Bernice Noel
Editor in Chief
Jamaque Paradis Magazine






Gustavo’s incredible work inspires me and makes me believe that talent comes from within at any age. As young as he’s determined and focused to improve himself at every opportunity, he’s going to be unstoppable as a photographer, as an art director and as an artist. 

Vikki Góis
Former Editor in Chief of The Edgytor
Haus of Outré’s Creative Director







The work of the fashion photographer Gustavo Chams is an incredible invitation to a journey of introspection. He beautifully connects fashion to art in a emotional level

Gustavo Carvalho
Fashion Designe